Rdum tas-Sarġ

Rdum tas-Sarġ. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

I’m down to the last few photos from my pandemic walks earlier this year. This one is from the cliffs south of Baħrija, known as Rdum tas-Sarġ. I planned a walk starting from Kunċizzjoni, past Baħrija and across its Wied, then along the cliffs for a while, and eventually heading back above Wied Rini. The walk went well, and it was clear several others had a similar thought, to head out to the countryside for some fresh air away from people. More others than I was expecting, to be honest. I even crossed paths with a colleague of mine and his wife, who were out for a walk in the area.

As the path headed out of the valley it reached a col, with the outcrop of Il-Qlejgħa behind me and the thin edge of Rdum is-Sarġ ahead. I scrambled up the outcrop behind me to get a better view, and waited a while for the few walkers around to move on. It seemed, however, these had not met in a while and had much to say, so in the end I gave up, made my photos and continued onwards. When I was processing the photo, however, I thought I’d apply some digital magic to remove the people from the photo, and get the result I intended in the first place. This is the photo you see above. For reference, the edited photo with the people still there is shown below.

Rdum tas-Sarġ. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

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