Mdina. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Starting this week with another photo with the long lens from the evening session while waiting for the comet to show up. The subject this time is the old capital city Mdina, half silhouetted against the evening sky. Part of the bastions and the cathedral are lit at night (did I say before that we have lots of light pollution down here?).

On a technical note, I guess I’m showing my age when I say that I’m still amazed at how well modern cameras can handle themselves. If I can still call my more than 7-year old camera modern any more. In any case, to be able to take an acceptably sharp photo handheld with a 600mm lens and a shutter speed of only 1/50, not to mention that the image is what I would consider clean enough even at ISO 3200. I had to check the full-resolution image before I wrote that last sentence, just to be sure I’m not forgetting.

2 thoughts on “Mdina

  1. Superb image. I remember well my first sight of Mdina from a similar perspective .I think I fell in love with Malta at that very moment.Thank you for the memory and for sharing

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