Il-Fortizza tal-Mosta

Il-Fortizza tal-Mosta. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

December is quickly closing in, and with it a rather unusual year draws to an end. With the much reduced travel this year, I still had some vacation days left to take. So I spent last week off work (well, mostly, as there was a meeting I didn’t want to miss), and did my best to cut off and recharge. Which basically meant: go climbing as often as possible, and go for a walk otherwise. Or at least do something else that’s fun. Wanting to avoid weekday traffic, I opted for nearby walks, places I could get to in a few minutes by car. I also tried to walk routes that I hadn’t done in a while, which wasn’t as hard as I expected (keeping in mind that over the first part of the pandemic I was going on regular country walks).

So last Friday, after lunch, I headed over to Mosta for a walk along Wied il-Għasel. I took my camera gear with me, planning to reach Burmarrad and shoot a chapel over there. I did get there, but found the chapel undergoing restoration, so that will have to wait. On the way back, though, as I walked through a farm access road with fields on either side, I could see the old fortress beyond the fields and liked the way the late afternoon light played on the scene. I stopped for a while, set the camera up on a tripod, and played with my filters to get the photo I wanted. I only had my 24mm tilt-shift lens with me, which forced me to work in a slow deliberate way, which I quite enjoy. The only pity is that I did not have the exposure meter with me, which I think is rather useful for shooting with such a lens (as the manual aperture and the lens movements plays havoc with the in-camera meter). I’ll need to get used to packing it with me.

2 thoughts on “Il-Fortizza tal-Mosta

  1. Over the years I have got used to enjoying your various posts.None more than this one.. When I first fell under the spell of the Victoria Line fortifications I spent some time a long wat off course floundering around the beautiful countryside beneath Mosta trying to sort myself out.Thank you for the memory. Gives me the chance to say again for all the wonders Malta has to offer Mosta is its beating heart sadly so often overlooked.

    1. Thank you so much, Keith! I’m glad my posts bring back good memories. I must say I knew so little of this aspect of Malta when I was younger, it just wasn’t something I was exposed to. Now I’m making up for all that, of course 🙂

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