Cliffs, Clay Slopes, and Boulders

Cliffs, Clay Slopes, and Boulders. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

A few years ago I shared a photo that recently came up again on my Twitter timeline (courtesy of the app I wrote to re-share photos from my archive). This was from a walk in Qammieħ that I had done at the time, and as it happened I had never re-visited. Not that the area lacks any charm – far from it. Instead, it was simply the confluence of two parameters: first of all the walk starts in an area that as is far removed from where we live as it’s possible for a walk to be (i.e. the northern tip of this little island); second, the walk I had done was a bit of a there-and-back, and I really prefer to avoid retracing my steps when I’m out for a walk. Last time I was in the area I had come up with a circular walk starting from the same place, but staying on top of the cliffs throughout, so would not visit these boulders by the sea. Even that was three years ago now.

I mentioned in my post last week that I revisited this place the weekend prior. My original plan was to redo the there-and-back walk I had done several years ago, but I also thought it would be interesting to explore a bit, and see if I could come up with an alternative circular route. It took a bit of scrambling among the boulders, but eventually I got to the level of the clay slopes and found a clear path leading around the promontory. I kept following this and eventually found a way up the cliffs again, from where I could continue my high-level walk from three years ago. In time I plan to write a description of these walks, or perhaps even compile a collection for a book. There is a serious shortage of such guidebooks in Malta, and I know I have enough material to fill one.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this variation on my earlier photo. This time I only had my small mirrorless camera with me, as I preferred to walk light, focusing on my experience there rather than about photography. Unless I’m planning to need a tripod (as is the case pretty much any time I’m shooting architecture, like the chapels project) or filters, I find that the mirrorless is not much of a constraint. Isn’t technology wonderful? And this is from a camera that was released over four year ago; in other words it’s already old as these things are usually measured.

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