Triq Mesquita

Triq Mesquita. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

A couple weeks ago, R felt well enough to try an amble about the streets of the old capital. We drove up in the late afternoon on a Sunday, as most people were heading back home. Thankfully, this meant the place was quieter than it would otherwise be. In these times, that’s clearly a good thing. I took my camera with me, with a couple lenses I wanted to try out, but no real plan on what to shoot.

Part of our walkabout took us through Mesquita street, which I think must be one of the prettiest. This particular view has been drawing me ever since I can remember, and I’m sure I must have taken this photo before. With some luck I haven’t shared it here yet. With the streets mostly lit by indirect light, reflected off adjacent limestone walls, there is a glow in the streets that is hard to describe. And I guess my sense of humour is also tickled by the juxtaposition of the old style street lamps and the decidedly modern CCTV cameras.


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