Today’s blog post has been a long time coming. Several months ago, my friend Ken adopted a Sicilian rescue puppy. She’s a delightful Labrador / Border Collie mix, and has clearly seen some unpleasant stuff in her short life, as she was rather shy and skittish around new people. I say ‘was’ but in fact one can see lingering effects still. Though I must say she warmed up to us quickly enough. Particularly with Roberta, who joined us on a climbing outing (just for the company) not long after Cersei arrived in Malta.

Of course I had to take my camera with me on such an occasion, and most of these photos are from that session. Not that Cersei gave me much time, as she’s rather quick and can close a distance more rapidly than I can anticipate. The napping photo is an exception – this was during another climbing outing with Ken. Cersei used to get panicky whenever Ken started climbing, but she soon got used to our antics. On this occasion, I guess she felt too tired waiting for him to get down again, so found a comfortable patch of soil next to the rope, and coiled herself up. After digging around a bit, of course, and throwing soil everywhere.


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