Santa Marija (Taż-Żejfi)

Santa Marija (Taż-Żejfi). (Click on the photo for added detail.)

I’ve had an eye on this chapel for a long time. It sits by the side of a rather busy road, and it was clear from the start that finding a suitable point of view would be tricky. Accessing it is also a bit more involved than usual, as there is no nearby parking, so one has to walk a few minutes (by the side of said busy road). So when I planned that exploratory walk from the Madonna tal-Isperanza chapel, I made sure to include this in the circuit. Turns out that access is easier than anticipated, as there is now a wide pavement that seems popular with walkers and runners from the area.

When I arrived, I started with this composition from the entrance of an adjacent farm. I took another from the parapet of the chapel itself, but in the end I was happier with this one. In time, perhaps, I’ll return with my usual photography gear, and the other options will be more amenable. As it was, I only had the small mirrorless camera with me (literally, not even a bag or a bottle of water), so I did what I could. I must say I’m rather happy with the result, regardless. As usual, those who are interested can find a write up (in Maltese) with several photos of both the exterior and interior at Kappelli Maltin.

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