Cabbage White Butterfly

Cabbage White Butterfly. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

It seems I haven’t touched the camera in a few weeks now, which perhaps is not so surprising with the onset of summer. I know, technically it’s not for a few weeks yet, but the warm weather is already here, so my country walks are over for the time being. There is always swimming instead, so I’m sure I won’t be short of options. In any case, this explains why I’m sharing a photo from my last walk, a few weeks ago, in Wied Speranza. I came across a number of butterflies on this walk, which is always fun.

I only had my mirrorless camera with me, with its kit lens, which is not ideal for this kind of work. For one thing it meant I had to get really close, which is difficult to do when the subject is not so cooperative. And at a technical level, the focus feels a bit soft on such close up subjects, which gives the image a bit of a dreamy quality. In the end I found that the images grew on me, and I liked the results enough to process them. Today’s photo shows a Cabbage White butterfly (Pieris rapae) doing its thing on some wild flowers. This is a fairly common butterfly, but for some reason I had never managed a reasonable photo of it.

2 thoughts on “Cabbage White Butterfly

  1. Funny that the English and German common names are so closely related: “Cabbage White” is “Kohlweissling” in German, where Kohl is Cabbage and Weissling includes the meaning of White.

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