Wied Speranza

Wied Speranza. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

My last walk this year was a short exploratory one in Mosta, where I walked along Wied Speranza from the Madonna tal-Isperanza chapel to the San Pawl tal-Qliegħa chapel. This was a stretch of valley I had not walked before, and found it to be very peaceful , if less dramatic than the more downstream sections, where the valley is known as Wied il-Għasel.

Just before reaching San Pawl tal-Qliegħa, there is a section where the valley floor drops quickly into a narrow chasm with water at the bottom. I wonder if this ever dries up – I suspect the water flows from a spring somewhere, and I know that further upstream this valley meets up with the reservoirs at Chadwick Lakes. It’s a beautiful area for a picnic, and surprisingly easy to reach. In time, I plan to write up a description of the walk, to share.

When I was walking the valley, a couple of kids were working their way through on their bikes. As I was making my photos, one of them stopped to take a look at the scene, and I think this gives a good sense of scale to the place. In the distance you can see the dome of Mosta church, which is about 1.5km away.

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