Moonset Over Lija Church

Moonset Over Lija Church. (Click on photo for added detail.)

Last Saturday I set up an early alarm to wake myself up in time to shoot the moonset. It’s something I have not done in a very long time. Too long, in fact, for once one gets over the mental confusion and general grumpiness of waking up so early, it’s all a rather enjoyable experience. The sweet morning air, the sense of quietness around as the world still slumbers, and the break of a new day.

My original plan was to find a suitable foreground subject that I could shoot the moon against, with as long a lens as I could manage. Similar to what I did a long time ago with Ħamrija tower. Unfortunately, given the direction of moonset, this proved rather tricky. I spent a fair bit of time planning things on Friday, and by the time I was done, I only had one potential target, with no clear location to shoot from (one option I was considering remained uncertain, as it is likely there are obstructions to the view). So in the end I decided not to try that out. I really didn’t fancy waking myself up at 04:30 (and that would be cutting it rather close) and drive myself to my planned location, only to find out the whole thing was a bust. So I settled on the next best thing – shoot a subject from my neighbourhood.

The subject in question is the Lija parish church, currently arrayed for the village feast (which happens next week). Unfortunately, with a subject so close by, I had to limit the lens’s reach, and therefore the size of the moon in the photo. Still, I think it works rather well, with the pre-dawn sky and the soft directional light on the building facades. Makes one only wish there were less buildings in the way.

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