Admiring the Sunset

Admiring the Sunset. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

For the last few weeks we’ve gotten into the habit of driving up to Dingli, picking up burgers from our favourite joint on the way, and enjoying these in the evening light and fresh air on the cliffs. To be followed, of course, by an amble along said cliffs, in the best British tradition. In summer, Dingli is a lovely place to be. It’s as high up as one can get in Malta, and while this is certainly not much, the air does feel a tad cooler. Plus, with most people crammed in the beaches, it’s fairly quiet. Sure, there will be some like-minded folk around, and the usual crop of dog-walkers, runners, etc., but at least it’s not by any means crowded. And in these times of seriously increasing active-case numbers (in spite of the vaccine), space is a useful luxury.

I generally pack my camera with me on these outings, though I don’t always get to use it much. A couple weeks ago I made it a point to carry it with me on the walk. I had my long telephoto lens fitted, which made for some great minimalist sunset photos, but more about those another time. There were also others admiring the sunset, so I couldn’t resist including a few in the frame. This particular group made for an interesting photo, I thought. I could almost see it on some MTA promotional material. At least it would be as true as it gets. This is your regular summer evening sunset walk in Malta. Weather pretty much guaranteed. Phone camera optional.

2 thoughts on “Admiring the Sunset

  1. We often head for the coast and get some fish and chips along the way, walking the meal off along the Solent our closest stretch of sea😀

    1. Ah how miss those British fish and chips! It has become a ritual for us on our visits to the Lake District.

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