Outings with Christina and Matrix

This week I thought I’d share a somewhat different type of photo for the throwback series. Well, three of them really. As readers of this blog will have realised, I don’t often have people in my photos, but it doesn’t mean that it never happens. I do take photos as memories of events as well, after all. Keepsakes of a kind. In this case I thought I’d gather together three such photos from a couple different outings with my friends Christina and Matrix.

I took the first photo after we topped out from the classic route “Via Destra” at Xaqqa, in winter. This is a nice, longish (35m+) slabby route, on a stunning cliff. It is currently climbed as a single-pitch sport route, but originally this was climbed by the Royal Marines as a two pitch trad route. In this case, we decided to top out from this route, carrying all our gear with us, to avoid the walk out. I only had the tiny DJI Osmo Action with me, and I must say I was very pleasantly surprised at what can be done with these cameras.

The other two photos are from a walk at Il-Majjistral in the autumn. My memory is a bit foggy at this point, but I think there was rain that day, so we went for a walk instead of climbing. Il-Majjistral is a fantastic place for walks, and it has the excellent feature of not getting muddy, even when the rain is significant. As you can see, the weather wasn’t that bad after all.

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