Lija Belvedere at Dusk

Lija Belvedere at Dusk. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

I meant to write this blog post earlier today, sharing a second photo from my walk down to Lija on the day of the village feast. After shooting the photo of the parish church itself at dusk, as the decorative lights were switched on, I packed up my gear and headed back out. A short distance from the church sits this belvedere tower, a well-known landmark in the area. As a building, it’s been around a while, originally a central feature in the gardens of Villa Gourgion. Only a very small part of these gardens now remain, adjacent to the villa itself, and the tower now sits in the center of Vjal it-Trasfigurazzjoni, effectively the current main road in Lija. The villa itself plays an important part in the country’s recent history, with a number of meetings by the National Assembly being held there when our national constitution was being written up. I believe there are commemorative photos of these meetings with this tower in the background.

I particularly like this view of the tower, from the church’s side, especially in the evening when the soft directional light is rather well placed. Taking the photo is a bit tricky, as the best point of view is to stand in the middle of the road. I took this with my 24mm tilt-shift, and I would have preferred to set up my tripod and do things the usual way. But needs must. My only realistic alternative was to estimate the amount of tilt I’d want to use, pre-set the focus distance and exposure, and then basically wing it – just walk to the middle of the road, and quickly compose and shoot hand-held. This meant I had to do some geometric adjustments in post, to compensate for my positional error, but in the end it wasn’t too bad.


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