Il-Majjistral Barracks Chapel

Il-Majjistral Barracks Chapel. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

The photo I’m sharing today, from the same walk in Il-Majjistral last autumn, is a rather unusual one, given that most of my photos in the area show the cliffs or the natural landscape. But of course there isn’t anywhere in Malta that can really be classified as wild or untouched. At the edge of the park (technically, I think, just outside) there’s a number of buildings forming a military barracks from the British period. Within the park there’s also (what’s left of) a military firing range. Indeed, my first memories of the park (many years before it became such) are from a school outing we had with our science teacher (the excellent Fr Rice), finding shrapnel at the range, and scrambling down to the coastline.

Today’s photo shows the chapel building from that set of structures. As you can see, while the building itself still seems in good shape, it is obviously unused and the whole area is rather overgrown. Getting a good point of view is practically impossible, but perhaps this is after all appropriate.


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