Dennis – Denise

Dennis – Denise. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

I haven’t been doing much photography over summer, and while the weather started to cool down (a little, don’t be too enthusiastic about this) already, my routine hasn’t caught up yet. So in the mean time, I’m sharing a photo I took earlier this summer, at my in-laws’. My mother-in-law has a couple of canaries, courtesy of her brother, who I gather breeds them. The one shown in this photo was her first – she wasn’t sure of its gender, initially calling it Dennis, thinking it was a male, and eventually settling to Denise, as it’s much more likely to be a female. Turns out it’s rather tricky to figure out these birds’ gender, though I must say I’m pretty confident about their eventual decision.

I kept promising to take my camera with me to shoot some photos / video of the little thing, and eventually I did. I used a close-up wide-aperture lens to blur out the front bars of the cage as much as possible. Post processing was very simple – just some minor exposure adjustments, straightening and a little cropping to clean up the edges.


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