Narrow Cleft

Narrow Cleft. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Today Malta celebrates its independence day, so I took a couple days off work to make this a rather long weekend. I took the opportunity to get some progress on home maintenance projects, and was lucky enough to get in more climbing than I have done in a while, so I’m rather tired out. The weather’s still too hot, which doesn’t help, and the only thing for it was to take it easy – which I find surprisingly challenging. This explains, perhaps, why I’m writing this blog post today rather than on my usual Monday evening.

The photo I’m sharing is from my last walk of the season, back in spring, in Wied Speranza. It’s an area I had not explored much before, even though it’s so close by. I have already shared a few photos from this walk, one of which shows the water channel at what can be considered the head of the valley. Today’s photo is a detail of a section just upstream of the earlier photo. It is an area I will want to explore, photographically, again.


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