Luna. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

It’s getting to a point where the recent photos I’m sharing are not too far removed from the throwback ones. Mostly, of course, this is due to the inevitable fact that I tend to shoot much less over summer. And with the situation as it is, I haven’t been travelling either. Well, perhaps the former is not entirely true, but the photos I’ve taken recently have been mostly documentary or technical in nature, rather than the kind that I’d want to share here. And in the end I did manage to get myself to a suitable location last Sunday afternoon, to shoot the Malta International Airshow. But going through those photos will take a while, so don’t hold your breath.

Which leads me to the photo I’m sharing today, from a short walk along Dingli cliffs with R, a few months ago. As night crawled in, the crescent moon looked inviting above. I already had my mirrorless camera fitted with the 150-600mm lens, so it was simply a matter of aiming up, finding a suitable exposure, and making a photo. I find the crescent moon to be much more interesting a subject than the full moon, as the raking light at the terminator really highlights the moon’s topography, with craters, hills, and depressions in sharp relief.


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