Filfla and Xaqqa Cliffs

Filfla and Xaqqa Cliffs. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Sharing something very recent today, with a photo from yesterday’s outing. I had climbing plans, but the weather was uncertain at best, with isolated showers and thunderstorms on the forecast. Looking at the radar images wasn’t too promising, but there was a good chance the small system would pass Malta by, so we took a punt and headed down to Lapsi. It rained all the way there, and when I arrived it was clear we wouldn’t be doing much climbing. We both brought our jackets with us, and another pair of shoes, so the only question was where should we walk. Lapsi itself is a lovely place for a walk, and normally I’d be excited about that as an option, but I had just done my usual route there a week before, so I preferred a change.

Since we were down that way already, I thought a good option would be to try connecting a loop from Xaqqa cliffs – I had a route in mind that I hadn’t checked out yet, and Hendrik was up for some exploring, so that’s what we started with. As we started, after passing by the company taking out some clients abseiling and the Civil Protection Department on what seemed like a training exercise, this view greeted us. The storm clearly continued in the distance, beyond Filfla, while the Xaqqa cliffs provided a lovely foreground. On the side we’re on, the cliffs are about 100m above sea level, with some excellent climbing.

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