Madonna ta’ Hodegitria

Madonna ta’ Hodegitria. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Over the past week it has really started to feel that the weather is becoming cooler. Between the rain, the wind, and the shorter days, it is unmistakable. Which is generally a good thing, in my opinion, as I much prefer the cooler months – it’s usually a simple matter of dressing appropriately. Which is how I found myself, last week, heading up to Binġemma for a lovely walk, all prepared with a fleece and a rain jacket. It rained throughout the walk, though this took nothing away from the pleasure. If anything, it rather enhanced it, as I don’t think I met anyone throughout the walk. Maybe a few cars and Land Rovers passed by, but certainly no foot traffic anywhere. I parked by the chapel, and for the first time in many years, my car was the only one there. I headed down to Chadwick lakes, which where nice and full, as expected given the recent rains. For the return leg I walked along the western part of the Victoria lines. For those who are interested, I have written up this walk before.

As I was still alone by the chapel when I got back, I decided to make a photo of the chapel. I have taken photos of this chapel before, but none where it’s the prominent subject. Or at least none that I have been happy with enough to share. So I really had to take this chance of having the place to myself. This was all well, but it was still raining, and I had a hard time throughout the walk, trying to avoid drops on the front lens element as I took photos. In most cases, without any success, and this is one place where the tiny screens on these devices is completely inadequate, so I only usually find out when I get back home.

The chapel itself is a particularly pretty one, in very picturesque surroundings. It is I think the only local one dedicated to the Madonna ta’ Hodegitria. It is an old title, popular in the Greek tradition, signifying Our Lady who shows us The Way (that is, Christ). For those who are interested in knowing more about the chapel, there is an article on Kappelli Maltin (in Maltese).

Oh, and before I forget. If you’re reading this article through a reader, I invite you to follow through to the website. Last week, I gave Muddy Boots a bit of a face-lift, giving the text a bit more prominence. Let me know what you think of the new look!

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