Farmhouse at Dusk

Farmhouse at Dusk. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Other than Christmas, December in Malta also comes with another two public holidays: the feast of the Immaculate Conception on the 8th, and Republic Day on the 13th. These two are rather close to each other, and when there’s a weekend in between it’s fairly easy to take a couple more days off work and make it an almost week-long break. Which is what I did this year, of course. This also happens to be my favourite time of year for outdoor climbing. While the days may be short, and many locals will be complaining of the cold (you know, because 14°C is positively freezing), when the sun is bright in the sky (which is almost every day) it is simply glorious. So in a month with what I generally think of as great weather, and enough time off, all that remains is finding a partner to go out climbing.

Today’s photo was taken on just such an outing last Wednesday. Just before doing one last route to remove all the gear we had left up top, I was looking at the sky as the sun set. I had my small camera with me, so I took it out and made a couple photos. I transferred them as soon as I got home, and unusually I processed them right away. In case you were wondering (though I’m sure my regular readers know better), what you see is true to life.

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