Access Path at Dusk

Access Path at Dusk. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

I keep telling myself that I should dedicate more time to my photography. Sadly, over the last year, this seems to have taken second place, except for those few occasions where I continued working on my chapels project, and (a first for me) going out to watch and shoot the Malta International Airshow. Otherwise, it was usually a matter of taking my camera with me when heading out for a walk or for a climbing session. Often enough, the camera stayed in the bag.

These thoughts present themselves more naturally towards the end of the year, when I look back through my catalogue of processed photos to select a few to present in a retrospective of the year. Indeed, this year I’m later than usual with writing that up. And I couldn’t help but think this way when remembering how I made this photo I’m sharing today. This was just a couple weeks ago, at the end of a climbing outing, when I was looking away from the cliff and saw this particularly beautiful soft light and colourful skies. You know, the kind of light that most landscape photographers would envy. And on this island we’re blessed with this kind of light and colour quite routinely in the cooler months. So much that it almost becomes commonplace. Something to expect.

On this occasion, though, I did take out my camera – the small mirrorless one that I usually take when I’m not planning to make photos. One photo I already shared last week, and this is the second. The sun had already set by then, so I didn’t want to brighten the foreground too much, or it would become unrealistic. By the time we packed, we had just enough light to head back to our cars, and drive back out on this access path that we’ve come to know so well over the last few years.

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