San Pawl tal-Qlejgħa

San Pawl tal-Qlejgħa. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

I’m starting off 2022 on this blog by wishing my readers a happy and healthy new year, and sharing an accidental photo I took a few weeks ago. Accidental in the sense that I had no plan to shoot this chapel on that occasion, and I only chanced to be there at the right time, which I took advantage of.

I was on my way back home after a walk near Binġemma, where my camera never left the bag. This happens often enough, which is where the small mirrorless camera really comes into its own – it’s small and light enough that I’m not bothered at all when that happens. But I digress. The sky was heavily overcast throughout the walk, which is great for walking but not so much for the kind of photography I usually do. However, on my way back in the late afternoon, the sun emerged from behind the clouds, bathing everything before me in a beautiful light. I wanted to take advantage of this, and as I was nearing Mosta I figured I’d stop by this lovely chapel, dedicated to St Paul, and chance it.

I have made photos of this chapel before (c.f. 1, 2), so it did not take me much time to decide how to go about this. In fact, I almost re-created the first photo I had done of this chapel in terms of viewpoint. Of course, the light is completely different – this is a different time of day, season, and weather condition. My gear also happens to be different, as I was shooting this handheld with my small mirrorless camera, rather than using my bigger camera on a tripod, as I generally tend to do. In any case, I’m rather happy with how this turned out.

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