Broken Cliffs at Qammieħ

Broken Cliffs at Qammieħ. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Over the holidays, last week, I managed to fit in a couple of solo walks with the camera. For one of these, I redid a walk I had done last winter, around the western half of Marfa ridge. I did the walk in reverse because I wanted to time my arrival at Latnija cave to get the late light. But more about that another time, when I have actually processed the photos from that walk.

The photo I’m sharing today is a throwback to when I did a variant of this walk last winter. Instead of walking along the top of the cliffs to Qammieħ point, I walked below them, to reach a rather flat ledge by the sea that I had been to before. This time, though, I intended to find a way around the cliffs from below. After a short scramble from the boulders at the edge of the ledge I soon found myself on a narrow path that led in the direction I intended. The broken cliffs were rather imposing up above, so I had to take out my camera.

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