Twelid tal-Verġni Marija

Twelid tal-Verġni Marija. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

During autumn last year, as the weather became more amenable to photography, I made an effort to progress on my long-term chapels project. On one of these outings, with R, we headed out to Rabat to photograph one of the chapels in the countryside there. I had already scoped out the area using maps and satellite imagery, so I had an idea of what times and seasons might work. Once we got there, the main challenge (as expected) was to find a suitable point of view, particularly with little space around the road there. My first photo, above, takes in the chapel and the nearby cross – indeed, the area is known as Tas-Salib, and so is the chapel, although it is actually dedicated to the nativity of Our Lady.

I also looked for other options, making the photo below from just across the street. Something about the place struck some memory, though I wasn’t too sure I had been there before. Turns out, and I only really realised this as I was working on my book of country walks, that I had been there on one of my walks, as the chapel is very near to Wied il-Qlejgħa, best known for the Chadwick lakes portion of the valley. Last time I had done the walk, I had even taken a photo very similar to the one above – except that the photo also included a classic car driving up the hill. You can see this photo, and details of the walk, in the blog post I wrote a couple years ago.

Twelid tal-Verġni Marija. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

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