Abandoned Car

Abandoned Car. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Over the last few weeks I have been working on the photography side of the walking book project. This involves going through my now rather extensive catalogue of photos to find those that were taken from these walks, shortlisting those that are suitable as illustrations. In some cases this has been rather straightforward, simply a matter of finding the various outings in the area and selecting the subset of images that are fit for purpose (e.g. excluding such things as macro photos of flowers, etc.). For some walks, however, things proved rather more involved. There were instances, for example, where I had next to nothing already processed, though I knew for sure that I had taken photos on at least one occasion. So I found myself editing (and in some cases re-editing) old photos that were yet to see the light of day.

Today’s photo is one such example, from a walk near Bidnija. And for once, my throwback photo more accurately fits that moniker. I shot this photo almost seven years ago now, during an organised walk with many other walkers. Makes me wonder if the car’s skeleton is still there in that field…

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