Rdum tas-Sarġ

Rdum tas-Sarġ. (Click on the photo for added detail).

I mentioned in the last blog post how I have lately been spending more time editing photos, dipping back in the archives for photos that I had not worked on before. I have also been taking more photos, particularly over the holidays, where I took my photography gear with me on walks that I did. One of these was a walk from Kunċizzjoni, through Baħrija and along Wied Rini and the cliffs beyond. I did this in the reverse direction of what I’d normally suggest, as I wanted to be at this col near Il-Qlejgħa later in the afternoon. Turns out that I was making quicker progress than I expected, so I took time time to explore the area before setting up for this photo.

This is effectively a remake of a photo I had made before, with some small changes. Of course the light is completely different, as I purposely arrived here in the late afternoon. The season is also different (this is early winter, where the other was mid-spring). I went for a wider shot here, and I was also on a somewhat higher vantage point. I was tempted to wait for the sunset, but as the sun would be off-frame anyway, and I still had some way to go to get back to my car, I decided to head out earlier. It was, all in all, an excellent way to the end the year.

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