Ras il-Pellegrin and Gozo Cliffs

Ras il-Pellegrin and Gozo Cliffs. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Following on from last week’s post, I’m sharing another photo from that evening session at Kunċizzjoni. This one focuses on the cliffs at Ras il-Pellegrin and the clay slopes beneath, in the foreground. In the distance are the cliffs of the south west coast of Gozo, from Ta’ Ċenċ to the right, through Sanap and Wardija point on the left. Miles of limestone sea cliffs to be explored.

It is a pity that I Gozo remains largely unexplored country to me, as I rarely visit. In contrast, I have come to know most rural corners of Malta over the last few years. This omission is something I hope to correct in the near future. Just a few weeks ago I spent an enjoyable session with my brother, making plans for a few country walks in Gozo. He has spent a fair bit of time on that island, so knows the countryside rather well. It’s a pity he can’t easily join me on these walks; who knows, perhaps on his next visit we’ll be able to coordinate something.

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