Mosta. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

I’m trying my best this week to get my schedule back on track. And that includes my blogging. While my more recent photos are still in my editing pile, I thought I’d share something from a few weeks ago, an end-of-the-year walk starting from Kunċizzjoni. As things worked out, by the end of my walk, the sun was almost setting and the light was glorious, so I walked over to the viewpoint almost at the end of the Victoria lines, and made several photos. Looking towards the east, the large dome of Mosta parish church was nicely lit by the evening light.

I don’t usually make photos of the rather nondescript buildings that make up most modern towns, but in this case I had to make an exception. Mosta is one of the larger towns on the island, by population if not by area. So it was rather unusual to see the buildings in the northern part of this town ending so abruptly in the surrounding countryside. And the telephoto lens really makes that abruptness visible. That, and also just how close the sea is, after all, even in a town which sits rather centrally on the island. (Keep in mind that I’m shooting this from the other side of the island.) Whoever thinks that telephoto lenses don’t have a place in landscape photography is really missing something.


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