Madonna ta’ Hodegitria and Farm Buildings at Binġemma

Madonna ta’ Hodegitria. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

So much for getting my schedule back on track. This week I’m again a bit late writing up this blog post to share some throwback photos. Some compensation is that I’m sharing two photos today, which are very much related to each other. Too much to deserve to be shared separately. Both photos are from an outing in Binġemma a little more than five years ago. I had my 100mm lens mounted, in fact I’m not even sure I took any other option with me that day. Having a prime lens limits your options when shooting, but this is often a good thing. I find that when I pick a prime lens to shoot with, I’m generally only ‘seeing’ the compositions that are possible with that lens. I’m not sure which comes first – do I see those compositions because I’m using that lens, or did I choose that lens because I wanted to look for those compositions?

The first photo, above, is a back view of the chapel at Binġemma, taken from a promontory across the valley. The second photo, below, shows the cliffs below the church, and the valley farmland. I processed these as black and white images, though I don’t recall shooting them with that intent. Sometimes these decisions need to be made in post.

Farm Buildings at Binġemma. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

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