Encounters with Dogs

Watchful Dog. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

I’m starting this week with two photos from a recent walk in Miżieb. I often come across dogs on my walks. Sometimes they’re out on a walk with their owner, other times they’re vociferously defending their owner’s territory. In general they don’t bother me much, as most dogs tend to be kind-hearted, if at times loud or clingy. Sometimes, though, you do get the real pests – the ones that will bite and not merely bark. Thankfully, the two in today’s photos were of the better type.

The first one, above, was loudly defending the farm they live on. This type usually has the run of the place, but is kept contained in the premises. This one, though, knew a way out, and quickly used it to get close to us. It’s rather disconcerting when this happens, as you never really know what kind of dog it is. At least, this was loud, but not aggressive. In fact, I’d say he was rather scared of us and wouldn’t get closer than a certain distance. Suits me fine.

Earlier in the same walk we came across an Englishman on a walk with two pups. They were really cute, brothers, but totally unlike in character. One immediately came to investigate (one of our party had his dog with us), while the other immediately scurried away to hide among the trees! I had my telephoto lens attached, which worked out perfectly. Of course, it’s the (much bigger) dog we had with us that it was eyeing here.

Scared Little Pup. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

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