Farm Building in Haze

Farm Building in Haze. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

A little over two weeks ago I was heading out to a crag in nearby Naxxar for a bit of after-work climbing. The outlook was hazy, not a huge surprise with a southerly wind, which had been blowing most of the Sahara out over us. So I packed my smaller camera with me in case any opportunities arose.

We climbed a few of the easier routes, and as we were in three this also gave me a bit of down time. The sun was getting lower, though there was not much to see as it had been hidden behind the haze for a long time. As evening drew on the sky seemed to thicken, and I made a few photos of the farm building just across from the crag. We don’t often get such conditions in Malta, with visibility being mostly good throughout the year. Fog is practically unheard of (though judging from all the cars passing by with fog lamps on you’d be forgiven to think otherwise), and when it happens it’s only the wispy kind you get in the valleys on a quiet morning. Haze, such as this, occurs more commonly, but still not often.


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