Broken Shell

Broken Shell. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

One of the more interesting features along many of the seaside (and sometimes also inland) walks is the sheer abundance of fossils, particularly seashells, that can be found embedded in the softer limestone rock. Most of those near the surface tend to be rather broken, likely because they were trampled on or otherwise beaten up. It can be a fun diversion to look for samples that are more whole or otherwise interesting, though of course that can add a lot of time to your walk.

The photo I’m sharing today is from a walk around Qammieħ point, a little more than a year ago. The lower flat shelf by the sea is all soft limestone, and has many such samples. I liked this one because although it’s clearly broken, the pieces are still next to each other and the pearlescent sheen makes it look like it only fell there yesterday.

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