Il-Widna. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

I’m starting this week with another photo from a recent short walk in Għargħur with Roberta. A good part of this walk is along a section of the Victoria lines, with excellent views to the north, from fort Mosta in the west to fort Madliena in the east. One particular item of interest that is visible pretty much along the whole section of the lines is the acoustic radar. This is simply a low parabolic wall amid the fields, built just before World War II to detect incoming aircraft from the north east. The structure still stands, though the paintwork has flaked off with time. And of course it still works – the acoustic mirror has no moving parts or electrical requirements. One simply has to stand in the focal point and listen.

Nowadays the structure stands within a site used by Go Ltd. (one of the country’s main communications providers) as an earth station. I was fortunate enough to visit the site many years ago, when I believe the company was still Maltacom. I would enjoy visiting again, perhaps with a new class of communication systems engineers.

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