Delimara Power Station

Delimara Power Station. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Starting this week with something rather unusual, for this blog. It’s not the first time I share a photo of a man-made rather than natural subject, if nothing else I have made enough photos of chapels, farm buildings, or bits of our old cities. However, I don’t usually make photos of industrial subjects, and in fact can’t even remember the last time I shared anything like that here. And one can hardly get more industrial than a power plant that supplies a substantial proportion of the country’s electricity usage.

In a way, perhaps, this is a bit of a conflicting topic for me. A part of me sees something like this as a blight on the landscape, an incongruous heap on the ravaged coastline. Another part, however, can’t help but see the beauty in the ordered plan of a large machine that is so essential for our way of life – from the water we drink (so much of which is desalinated sea water), the fridges and freezers that keep our food from spoiling too quickly, to the air conditioners that allow us to sleep most of the year (either in their cooling or heating cycles). Not to mention the computer system that I used to type this post and process the photo, or the little charger that recharged the battery I needed for my camera.


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