New Routes at Monolith Buttress and Crucifix Cave

This write-up has been a long time coming. Far too long, in fact, given that I opened the ‘new’ routes almost two years ago. Unfortunately, unlike my earlier endeavours with Hendrik, these were only single lines on already well-established walls, so they ended up on the back burner. Here they are, though, finally seeing the light of day, in the hope that others will go try them out.

The first route is Fred, a new line up the ever-popular Monolith Buttress crag. Who would have thought that more lines could be found here? The second route is Rosh Hashana, a variation on Andrew Warrington’s Pogrom to the right of Crucifix Cave. You can download the topo, intended to be printed on A5 paper, below:

PDF: [In-Nigret Topo]

The collection of topos for routes opened by myself or my climbing partners, as well as a facsimile of the classic John Graham guidebook from the 1970s, can be found in Rock Climbing Resources – Malta.

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