Imġiebaħ. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

The photo I’m sharing today takes us back more than a year, to a walk I did in early spring, starting from Xemxija. The walk is one of my favourites, taking in Mistra bay and hugging the rugged coastline to Imġiebaħ bay, a secluded (but still popular) beach below Selmun.

While the beaches are obviously much more popular in summer, I find the sea to be much nicer in the spring, when both the air and the water are clearer. Amazingly enough, there was actually someone swimming (just about visible in the photo above). I say amazingly because in spring the water is still a bit fresh (typically still below 20℃) at that time of year. Though there are people who will swim year-round in Malta, and I must admit I have been myself as early as mid-March or as late as mid-November. Sadly, this year, due to a combination of circumstances, I have yet to go for a swim.


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