San Tumas

San Tumas. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

As usually happens, with summer comes a considerable reduction in photography. Which is a bit of a pity, as there are moments that are worth taking out the camera for. Evening and morning light, for example, are dependably excellent, so this tends to work well for my chapels project. Unfortunately, July this year was rather disrupted, and I have been generally too exhausted to deal with early morning shoots. So it has been a while since I added any chapel photos.

I made this photo a couple weeks ago, and the whole thing took less than five minutes. I was on my way to Wied Babu for some rock climbing, and every time I go there I pass by Luqa cemetery. On Sunday mornings it tends to be open for visitors, and morning light is perfect for this particular chapel. It so happens that I tend to go climbing in Wied Babu on Sunday mornings anyway1, so every time I pass by I tell myself that “next time I should really get my camera”.

Two weeks ago I finally did this: packed my camera with the 50mm lens together with my climbing gear, and headed out a few minutes earlier than usual. I stopped a few meters before the cemetery, went out and made a couple of photos with slightly different compositions. At some point perhaps I’ll return again, with my tripod and the tilt-shift lens, to explore other possibilities.

1 This is a combination of two factors: on hot summer mornings, the entire east side of Wied Babu is in the shade, and the valley is surely a few degrees cooler than up top. There’s often also a slight breeze, which makes things pleasant. With a lot of routes in the easy to middle grades, this is a popular place on summer mornings. Also, between my usual schedule and that of my climbing partners, I don’t often get a chance to climb in the morning other than on Sundays.


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