Sant’ Anna ta’ Pwales

Sant’ Anna ta’ Pwales. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

This week’s throwback takes us back to a walk I did in May last year around the woodlands of Miżieb. Incidentally, it’s also the last photo I have to share from that walk, although it was one of the first I did. I walked up to Miżieb from Xemxija, so the first part of my walk was along the eastern end of Pwales valley. This path took me by a chapel there which I had not visited before.

The chapel is an old one, and apparently there existed a chapel here already in the 13th century, originally dedicated to the nativity of the virgin Mary (known locally as Tal-Vitorja). It went through cycles of use and disuse over the centuries, though it is currently well kept, and in the care of the Association of Lyceum Past Students – ALPS. Those who would like to know more about the chapel would do well to read the article on Kappelli Maltin (in Maltese).


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