Moonrise Over Breakwater Lighthouse

Last week I spent some time editing the photos from the photography session down in Sliema earlier this month. The whole idea behind the session was to photograph the full moon rising behind the Grand Harbour breakwater and its lighthouse. I have a series of photos of this event, starting from just after sunset, until well into nautical twilight.

My favourite photos were the ones taken in the first few minutes, with the moon still at a low elevation. Planning was spot on, so we found ourselves at the perfect place as the moon started to rise. For the first few photos I also used the 1.4x teleconverter, for an effective focal length of 840mm. Eventually, I took that out, reducing the focal length as the moon moved up in the sky.

I processed a small selection of these photos, after confirming of course that they were technically good. (By which I mean that the focus was ok and that there was no motion blur.) I decided to keep these three, even though the compositions are very similar, because of the changes in the moon over this time. As expected, the higher it rose, the clearer it showed, as its light had to pass through less atmospheric distortion.

As expected, my later photos were much more difficult to work with, given the increasing contrast as twilight deepened. I had taken the precaution of bracketing my exposures, but still found these largely unusable. And in any case, by that time the moon had moved considerably higher in the sky, making composition harder too.


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