Overlooking Il-Munqar

Overlooking Il-Munqar. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

The weather is still very warm here, but there is also the undeniable feeling that the summer is coming to an end. At work we’re getting ready for the new academic year that will soon start, and on the roads the traffic seems to have increased already. And so the tail end of the year is approaching. Yet here I’m still working through a significant backlog of photos from last year, there’s quite a lot to share. This is a good sign, it means that I’ve been making more photos. A lot of these are from new walks I did this year, particularly in Gozo. Some are from old haunts that are still productive.

Today’s photo is from a walk I had done before, in Żurrieq. I was in a bit of an exploratory mood, and I headed down in the direction of Għar il-Barbaġann, near il-Munqar, on the cliffs south of Żurrieq. It’s a very evocative place, and while the cave in question is reachable without any technical gear, the last few meters are not for the squeamish. It’s not a difficult path, but there is the little thing of a 100m drop on your left, when you’re hopping along a rather slopy path. (The cave in question is visible ahead on the right, in the photo.) I had been there before on a climbing outing, but had not taken any photos. Il-Munqar is the rock formation a little further down on the headland, and across the Wied Babu inlet one can see it-Torri ta’ Xutu. Filfla is the tiny island just below the horizon.


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