Clifftop Sunset

Clifftop Sunset. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

About a month ago, R and I headed up to Miġra l-Ferħa, in the vicinity of Mtaħleb, for a simple evening picnic with some friends of ours. The idea was that we’d spend some time after the sunset there, watching the stars, on what was a moonless night. The picnic went well, and it was great fun to spend some time again with our friends, whom we hadn’t really seen through the earlier part of the pandemic. Unfortunately, it was a lovely evening, at the tail end of summer, so far too many people had similar thoughts to ours, and the parking and the area around it were rather busy. This should not really be much of an issue, but it seems that Maltese people would carry their kitchen sink with them if they could. One particular group came complete with generator, flourescent tube lighting, etc.

All this meant that the stargazing part of the evening was rather limited, with all the light pollution that people brought with them. For me, the whole point of going to such a secluded location was simply to be as far as possible from the unavoidable light pollution around built up areas and roads. Ah well. In any case, I did take my camera out, and while I didn’t quite make the photos I was hoping for, I did come back with some that I was happy with. Sometimes it’s best to just be grateful with what one gets.


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