Miġra l-Ferħa

Miġra l-Ferħa. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

This week’s throwback, from a walk around Mtaħleb last Christmas, shows the narrow gap at Miġra l-Ferħa, where it is said that the Norman invasion of Malta began. I had taken a very similar photo to this one before, which I also shared on this blog. That one, however, was shot on film, and the point of view is a little different. Sometimes there are photos where, although I’m reasonably happy with how things turned out, the photo does not feel definitive. I tend to revisit these photos, trying out similar compositions under different conditions, or with different gear or technique. Hoping, I suppose, that one day I’ll create something that will feel final. With that said, I have a feeling I will revisit this composition again.


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