New Routes at Monolith Buttress and Crucifix Cave

This write-up has been a long time coming. Far too long, in fact, given that I opened the ‘new’ routes almost two years ago. Unfortunately, unlike my earlier endeavours with Hendrik, these were only single lines on already well-established walls, so they ended up on the back burner. Here they are, though, finally seeing the light of day, in the hope that others will go … Continue reading New Routes at Monolith Buttress and Crucifix Cave

Christina Climbing at Garbage Wall

I’ve been meaning to share these photos for a while, but things conspired over the last several weeks to derail most of our plans. Now I’m finally catching up on things, so here we are, with a series of photos I took on a relatively recent climbing outing. The crag is known as Garbage Wall, next to Blind Cave, both of which had a number … Continue reading Christina Climbing at Garbage Wall

Climbing the Babu Multi-Pitches

  If you’ve been wondering at the relative silence on this blog over the past couple weeks, this is why. The weather has been mostly good, if a bit colder than usual, so I’ve been doing as much climbing as I can (and as my partners’ schedules allow). Highlights include sending two trad routes I had not done before, and separately introducing a couple friends … Continue reading Climbing the Babu Multi-Pitches