On Fashion and Professional Sports

“I believe my life has value and I don’t want to waste it thinking about clothing,” Malcolm said. “I don’t want to think about what I will wear in the morning. Truly, can you imagine anything more boring than fashion? Professional sports, perhaps. Grown men swatting little balls, while the rest of the world pays money to applaud. But, on the whole, I find fashion … Continue reading On Fashion and Professional Sports

On Technical Details in Photography

I am well aware of a compelling impulse of photographers to discuss, with collector’s dedication, the equipment and materials they and their colleagues use, down to the smallest detail. I have never known painters to debate with such intensity the kind of canvas, paper, brushes, and paints used in their creative work. From: Ansel Adams, Examples: The Making of 40 Photographs, 1982. I am re-reading … Continue reading On Technical Details in Photography

On life

I don’t often post quotes, as more often than not they’ll come across as cheesy or faux-intellectual. And I suspect they won’t make sense unless you’re in the right frame of mind (or rather, within the same context as myself when I found the quote interesting). Still, this was too direct to pass up sharing. Rediscovered while watching SG1 on DVD… OMA: The universe is … Continue reading On life

Ansel Adams on Photography

I would like to repeat here that the making of photographs is the prime function of the photographer. Once the craft is under intuitive control, the creative objective is more positive and assured. Proficiency of craft should by no means be considered the goal in itself. The emphasis today on technique, equipment, materials, and gadgetry can be overpowering. Still just as valid, three decades on. … Continue reading Ansel Adams on Photography