PhotoShare App

PhotoShare is a small app for safer sharing of photos; keep sharing while preserving your privacy.

  • Reduce image size for faster and safer sharing
  • Remove hidden information in metadata (including GPS location, identification information, exact date and time)
  • Add a title and copyright information in border (optional)

To use:

  1. From your photo app, share with PhotoShare (instead of directly with social media).
  2. PhotoShare will automatically resize a copy of your photo, remove all metadata, and add a border with title and copyright information. (Your original photo remains untouched.)
  3. You can edit the title and copyright information, or change the default settings for image size and border width.
  4. You can now share your sanitized photo to social media or any other app.

Privacy Policy

PhotoShare does not collect any user data. Settings are kept on the device.

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