Rock Climbing Resources – Malta

This page contains resources useful for rock climbing in Malta, whether sport or trad. Highlights are the topos for new routes, opened by myself or my climbing partners, and a facsimile of the classic John Graham guidebook from the 1970s.

Routes / Topos

The following is a list of topos for routes opened by myself or my climbing partners. Each link leads to a downloadable PDF, which is intended to be printed on A5 paper.

  • Wied il-Bassasa, 2022. Three new trad routes, in the previously undeveloped west wied.
  • In-Nigret, 2022. Two new trad routes, one in Crucifix Cave and another in Monolith Buttress. A selection of existing routes in these sectors are also documented.
  • Għar Lapsi, 2019. Two new trad routes in the Commando Ratlines sector. Four existing trad routes in that sector are also documented.
  • Wied Anġlu, 2018. Ten new trad routes and two new sport routes in the Anġlu Crack sector. Four existing trad routes in that sector are also documented.


The following is a list of known climbing guidebooks for the Maltese islands, current and historical, with the most recent shown first. At the time of writing, only Alden et al., 2013 is still in print, with copies of the others occasionally showing themselves on the used books market. Where I have obtained permission from the publishers, a link will lead you to a PDF that can be browsed on the web or through Google Drive.

  • S. Alden, J. Camilleri, and S. Haston, Sport Climbing in Malta & Gozo, Tufa Publications, 2013.
  • X. Hancock, The Adventure Guidebook to the Maltese Islands, Hancock Ltd, 2009. ISBN: 9789993206439
  • J. Codling, A. Warrington, and R. Abela, Malta Rock Climbing: the comprehensive guide, Moonstone Communications, 2007.
  • X. Hancock, Gozo Adventures Guidebook, Hancock Ltd, 2006. ISBN: 9789993204695
  • R. Brookes and S. Alden, Malta New Climbs, Fylde Mountaineering Club, 1987.
  • J. D. Graham, Rock Climbing in Malta, Royal Naval Mountaineering Club, Undated (c. 1971).
  • S. Styles, Walks and Climbs in Malta, Midland Association of Mountaineers, printed and published by Progress Press, Valletta (first published 1949, 2nd impression 1952, 3rd impression 1960).