Data Sets

This page contains data sets and numerical results used in select publications, made available here to facilitate reproduction of results. If you use this material, please cite the corresponding publication.

Network Flows


The following files give the network conditions for the simulation results presented in “An Evolutionary Multipath Routing Algorithm using SDN“.

TVB Codes

These codes were introduced in “Time-Varying Block Codes for Synchronization Errors: MAP Decoder and Practical Issues“. The text files are formatted as follows:

  • Lines starting with a ‘#’ symbol are comments.
  • For a (n,q,M) TVB code, the order M is given first.
  • This is followed by a sequence of M codebooks, each of which consists of q codewords. Each codeword is given on a separate line as a sequence of n bits, in the order they would appear on the channel.


The following code is from “A MAP Decoder for TVB Codes on a Generalized Iyengar-Siegel-Wolf BPMR Markov Channel Model“:

  • (5,16): tvb-5-16.txt [Note: codes for the GISW-M and the GISW-MS channel are in fact identical]


The following codes are from “Time-Varying Block Codes for Synchronization Errors: MAP Decoder and Practical Issues“: