It’s getting to a point where the recent photos I’m sharing are not too far removed from the throwback ones. Mostly, of course, this is due to the inevitable fact that I tend to shoot much less over summer. And with the situation as it is, I haven’t been travelling either. Well, perhaps the former is not entirely true, but the photos I’ve taken recently … Continue reading Luna

Spanish Sparrow on Wild Fennel

[Updated 16-May-2019: added details on wild fennel and sparrow.] Today’s photo is a bit unusual, as my subjects usually don’t move much (or at all). I believe it’s always good to stretch oneself by trying new things, so lately I’ve been trying to do more than simply admire the birds as they twit by. On this particular outing in nearby Wied il-Għasel I only took … Continue reading Spanish Sparrow on Wild Fennel


For this week’s recent photo I’m sharing one from our visit to Guildford earlier this year. During the short time we spent there we met up with a couple of friends (and former colleagues of mine) at Winkworth arboretum. Both friends are also keen photographers, so we went geared up. I spent some time playing with the long telephoto, and towards the end of our … Continue reading Robin

St Paul

Another quick post for this week’s throwback, sharing a photo from a photography session in Qawra last winter. It feels so long ago that I had to check which session this was – as it turns out this was when I went with my long telephoto to take some photos of the rising (eclipsed) moon. As dusk fell I also looked in the opposite direction … Continue reading St Paul


I’ve been wanting to share this photo for some time, but never seem to get around to it. After getting myself the long telephoto lens last year, I thought it would be a good exercise to experiment with photos of the moon. For one thing, it’s a pretty subject, any time. It also has enough brightness to work well without having to crank up the … Continue reading Luna

Qalet Marku Tower and Flock of Pigeons

For this week’s throwback I’m sharing another photo from a walk in Għargħur last autumn. It shows St Mark’s tower at Qalet Marku, near Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq, together with a flock of pigeons that was doing the rounds. The tower is one of the De Redin towers, now in the care of Dìn l-Art Ħelwa, the National Trust of Malta. The tower is about a mile … Continue reading Qalet Marku Tower and Flock of Pigeons