Spanish Sparrow on Wild Fennel

[Updated 16-May-2019: added details on wild fennel and sparrow.] Today’s photo is a bit unusual, as my subjects usually don’t move much (or at all). I believe it’s always good to stretch oneself by trying new things, so lately I’ve been trying to do more than simply admire the birds as they twit by. On this particular outing in nearby Wied il-Għasel I only took … Continue reading Spanish Sparrow on Wild Fennel


Last week I finally got around to shooting a nearby small church that is still in regular use. I had visited this church before, with the intention of shooting it, but abandoned the idea when I realised I couldn’t find a suitable point of view. Trouble is, of course, that most of these chapels and small churches are situated on very narrow (and usually windy) … Continue reading Tal-Mirakli

New Routes in Wied Anġlu

[This blog post follows the publication of the official new route information by the MCC.] Over the last few months, my friend Hendrik-Jan and I have been working on new routes in Wied Anġlu, the steep valley south-west of Għar San Brinkat, in Għargħur. The valley is home to a number of historical climbs, all in traditional style. Sadly, the only information on these routes … Continue reading New Routes in Wied Anġlu

Għajn Tuffieħa Tower

For this week’s throwback post I’m sharing a photo that languished for several months in my to-do pile. It didn’t help that this got caught there while I was transitioning to a different software workflow. I only got to take a look at that pile during an unplanned hour yesterday. So, without further ado, this photo is from a very productive afternoon walk in Il-Majjistral … Continue reading Għajn Tuffieħa Tower