RAF Red Arrows

For the final blog post about this year’s Malta International Airshow I’m sharing a collection of photos for the headline act – the display from the Royal Air Force aerobatic team, the Red Arrows. Click on any of the photos to use the gallery viewer. Continue reading RAF Red Arrows

Swiss Air Force PC-7 TEAM

The penultimate set from this year’s Malta International Airshow shows the Swiss Air Force PC-7 TEAM, an aerobatic team of the Swiss Air Force, based on the Pilatus PC-7 Turbo Trainer aircraft. These were much easier to track, as of course the turboprop engine doesn’t really compare with a jet engine. Personally, I find propeller aircraft to be much nicer than jets. But then I … Continue reading Swiss Air Force PC-7 TEAM

Rafale C

For a few weeks I’ll be continuing with photos from the Malta International Airshow, held in early autumn this year. I’m sure that for many aircraft enthusiasts and airshow visitors, the highlights tend to be the jet fighters. While their planned function is at best a sobering reality, there can be no doubt about the engineering ingenuity involved in their design and production. I recall … Continue reading Rafale C